“Peace Doers” and volunteers…sharing stories from Palestine

We hope you have appreciated reading our blog “Peace Doers…building a future for Palestine”. As we wrote in our first post in December 2016, The name of this blog is borrowed from a quote by Reverend Mitri Raheb: “There are peace talkers and peace doers. I can’t wait for the peace talkers, I am a peace doer.”

 Over the last seven months we have posted pieces by or about Palestinians who are “Peace Doers”. A very small portion of US media has bothered to share reports from the “other side” of the separation wall. In a small way, this blog is an attempt to offer a glimpse into Palestinian life on the “other side” of the wall and to introduce us to some of the talented Palestinians from various vocations that are authentically “Peace Doers”.

 We are writing today’s post to say thank you for the wonderful generosity of the many Palestinians who have written posts or who have helped provide material for our blog posts this year. With all the challenges and complexity of life living under Occupation, we are especially appreciative for the effort that has gone into preparing the insightful pieces that have been share.

This blog is produced almost entirely by committed volunteers and without them it simply won’t happen, so it important to pause to say thank you so much to our writers and volunteers for your dedication!

Because it is a volunteer effort, we are taking a pause for July and August when people are on vacation or spending extra time with families. We especially want to thank Brian Ballard who is primarily responsible for the design and layout of our blog posts.

Another key to our efforts is Angie Saba, public relations coordinator for the DIYAR Consortium in Bethlehem. Angie has contributed to our efforts in numerous ways from providing content and video for stories as well as helping to recruit writers. In many ways she is emblematic of the mission and message of the blog…she is a Palestinian “Peace Doer”! Recently, Angie was featured in a short video produced by Telos. We thought you would appreciate meeting her and hearing her message:

Over the summer you can stay in touch with news and event by following Bright Stars of Bethlehem on Facebook  and on the BSB website,  where you will see features about students at Dar al Kalima University College of Arts and Culture and news of up coming events including the Room for Hope Festival in Texas in October.

See you back on the blog in the first week of September!

Best wishes,

John Lindner                          Beth Nelson Chase
Blog coordinator                   Executive Director, Bright Stars of Bethlehem