Minnesota Film Festival

In celebration of Bright Stars’ 15th Anniversary, partner Congregations across the Twin Cities, MN are hosting a series of film festivals, featuring Palestinian-made films by our Dar al-Kalima students and faculty.

All proceeds go to support the work of Bright Stars of Bethlehem and its initiatives through Dar al-Kalima University for young and old.

Wednesday, October 9, 7pm, “Killing Gaza”

More than a documentary about Palestinian resilience and suffering, it is a chilling visual document of war crimes committed by the Israeli military, featuring direct testimony and evidence from the survivors.

            Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 2730 East 31st St, Minneapolis, MN 55406

            Contact: Donna Goodlaxon, 40acreslcs@gmail.com

Sunday, October 13 and 20, 11am “Imprisoning a Generation”

(a film with four parts: first two on Oct. 13, last two on Oct. 20)

Documentary about young Palestinians detained and imprisoned. Their perspectives, along with the voices of their families, form a lens into the entangled structures of oppression that expand well beyond the prison walls.

            Lord of Life Lutheran, 7401 County Road 101, Maple Grove, MN 55311

            Contact: Bev Mello, bevm@lordoflife.org

Tuesday, October 15, 7pm “The Wanted 18”

Documentary with some animation about Palestinians who wished to start a small local dairy industry during the first Intifada by hiding a herd of 18 dairy cows from Israeli security forces when the dairy collective was deemed a threat to Israel’s national security.

            Edina Community Lutheran Church, 4113 W. 54th St., Edina, MN 55424

            Contact: Carla Carlson, carlsoncb@gmail.com