Room for Hope Festival

An Important Update on the Room for Hope Festival

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the Bright Stars of Bethlehem’s Seventh Annual Room for Hope Festival scheduled for October 2017 in Texas is being postponed. Due to the impact and continued aftermath of hurricane Harvey, we have found it necessary to make this difficult decision.

Executive Director, Beth Nelson Chase, shared these thoughts, “Our hearts are particularly with our Houston planning committee members who are dealing with devastation of monumental proportions. The emotional, physical and spiritual toll is intense as many committee members were evacuated and now realize loss of home, congregational structures and the burdens of aftermath of their members and through-out their communities. The Texas committees have overwhelmingly welcomed us to come to Texas in 2018 and we will work toward that goal.”

Please keep all the people affected in Texas, Louisiana and beyond in your prayers and hearts, and united with prayers for all in Bethlehem.