Easter Covid Watch Party

On April 11, Bright Stars of Bethlehem hosted an Easter Covid Watch Party, featuring stories of shared suffering and hope- from our friends in Palestine and the U.S. You can watch the recorded livestream here-

The following prayer by our board member, Suzanne Watts-Henderson was shared during the Easter Covid Watch Party. Suzanne is Dean of Belk Chapel at Queens University in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Prayer by Suzanne Watts-Henderson

Leader: O God whose love binds us together across oceans and time zones and all the walls we humans build,
we join our hearts in wonder at the hope you plant in the empty spaces of our lives.

People: By your grace, O God, hope is what we do.

Leader: Where we grieve the loss of loved ones or freedom or jobs or health or even “normalcy,”

People: By your comforting presence, O God, hope is what we do.

Leader: Where we suffocate under stifling forces—be they structural or relational or viral,

People: By your empowering spirit, O God, hope is what we do.

Leader: Where we find ourselves paralyzed by fear, utterly out of control, or quietly panicked as we face uncertainty,

People: By your grounding peace, O God, hope is what we do.

God of abundant life, we pause between cross and empty tomb, grateful for reminders of your way of hope that steady us in shaky times. As we listen to the cries of your people in Palestine, may we find ourselves leaning into their “hope-doing” that bears witness to your liberating power. May we tune our cries with all those whose breathing is labored in this moment. By your animating spirit, may we join in your renewal of creation as a place where all people might yet flourish. In the name of the One whose life-out-of-death way we follow, Amen.

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