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Bright Stars of Bethlehem supports necessary spaces for ministries to flourish and grow


As with many successful outreach ministry programs, people need safe places to gather. One of the many areas of work for Bright Stars of Bethlehem is supporting the program sites that carry out the vital work in Palestine.

A new library is in progress!

A 25,000+ sq.ft. library is currently under construction (seen depicted in the picture above) which will be the first of its kind in Palestine. This will allow students to better study and learn while also attracting visitors and scholars from around the world. You can learn more about the new library and see the progress of the construction here.

It has been called the most ambitious construction initiative since Herod the Great.

Dar al-Kalima University construction began in 2008 and the first phase of the construction opened two years later provided classrooms and an education center to students in the West Bank. This construction provided almost 37,000 jobs in the region, making it the largest construction project in Bethlehem since the time of Herod the Great.

While initial phase of construction has been completed, there is still more work to be completed at the college. You can help

More work lies ahead for the facilities of Bright Stars of Bethlehem

In addition to the University, Bright Stars of Bethlehem supports the facilities that house the other ministries. This includes the International Center in Bethlehem, the Health and Wellness Center facilities and various other spaces like soccer fields, playgrounds and other classrooms.

Please consider a gift today to help support these vital spaces for ministry.

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