Rick Steves’ Thoughts on Bright Stars of Bethlehem this Christmas

Growing up, thinking so much about Bethlehem and the first Christmas, it’s a destination that pops up in so many travel dreams. And then, finally getting there you find “the little town” is actually a booming commercial and cultural center in a complicated corner of a complicated world.

Except for delays at a towering wall, you could bike from where Jesus entered our world to where he left it in half an hour. Under soldiers in watch towers, tour buses enter the town–filled with sightseers eager to enter the Church of the Nativity. In a steady parade, they touch and photograph the spot where we like to imagine the baby in the manger.

And just down the street, amidst in all that humanity, in all that discord and tension, is a place that celebrates what the Prince of Peace came to Bethlehem to teach us: that we can live together, we can love each other, and we can do God’s will by spreading not fear but hope. Dar al-Kalima University of Arts & Culture and the inspirational mission of Rev Mitri Raheb and his staff are indeed the bright stars of Bethlehem. And I’m thankful to be able to help support them in their work.

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