Holy Land Travel / Suitcase Ministry

Traveling light can be overrated. No really… it can! If you are headed to the Holy Land soon, please consider taking some books along.

Dar al-Kalima University, is in need of about 20,000 resources for their library in the coming years. This media is needed to help establish a learning center with the latest research and information. Not only will this improve learning, it is necessary to maintain university status.

This is where you come in. It’s easy to participate in the Suitcase Ministry:

  1. Visit this list at Amazon. (Please use AmazonSmile in order to give back to Bright Stars with every Amazon purchase you make!)
  2. Purchase books, CD’s and DVD’s and have them shipped to you.
  3. Write your name and where you are from on the inside cover.
  4. Pack in your suitcase and bring with you to Bethlehem.

You may ask, “Why not just ship it directly there instead of adding to the weight of my luggage?” This is an excellent question. Unfortunately, shipping books directly to Palestine is not the best option as the mail delivery system is shaky at best. Often times mail and packages never arrive at their destination.

The books, CD’s and DVD’s range significantly in price… from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. (Recall how much books cost when you were in college?)

Thanks for remembering not to pack light! And for helping bring needed materials to further the education of our students at the University!

Remember, hope is what we do!

For more information, contact communications@brightstarsbethlehem.org.