We are thrilled to introduce Donor Advised Funds, a more flexible way to give!

How do donor-advised funds work?

You make an initial gift and may receive an immediate charitable income tax deduction. You then determine when to make grants from the fund, what organizations you wish to support, and the amount you wish to give.

What is the advantage of giving through a donor-advised fund?

FLEXIBLE: If you give to multiple organizations or charities, you can make all gifts, whether recurring or one time, through a single fund.

GIVING ON YOUR SCHEDULE: You may receive an immediate tax deduction when you open your fund, yet you can take months or even years to recommend grants. You can also schedule recurring grants.

LASTING LEGACY: You can ensure that giving continues after your lifetime through instructions to make grants you designate or to name an heir to continue as a grant advisor.

CONFIDENTIALITY: You can recommend that some grants be made anonymously and have others include your name.

INVESTMENT OPTIONS: Choose among investment options according to your own short- and long-term plan for making grants.

Want to speak with one of us about giving to Bright Stars of Bethlehem through a donor-advised fund? Email our Executive Director at kris@brightstarsbethlehem.org.