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Bright Stars of Bethlehem Grows Hope for the Youngest Palestinians

Children Youth BSBAt fourteen, Loreen Manaa’ finds freedom and joy through the dance theatre program of the Diyar Academy for Children and Youth. “It means a lot to be able to dance Dabkah, our traditional dance, as well as more modern expressions,” shares Loreen. Youth under the age of 19 make up more than 50% of the Palestinian population. The Academy provides this tender age group a safe space to express creativity, promote culture and tradition, and embrace positive values.

Creativity and self-expression abound

The focus of the Diyar Academy for Children and Youth is to enhance self-worth, provide space for creativity, and a safe, healthy outlet for expression. We do this through music, theatre, dance, art, and sports. As these programs help develop the potential and capacities of children throughout the Bethlehem region, they build critical tools for expression, development, and empowerment in the midst of occupation.

It is a necessity to grow hope for the largest segment of the Palestinian population

The Diyar Academy for Children and Youth gives children space for creativity to be nurtured. It promotes a culture of life and dialogue that celebrates a dynamic identity. It embraces positive values and rooted, but long forgotten, heritage, and traditions. These values are critical to the growth of not only the Palestinian children, who make up more than 50% of the Palestinian population but to the whole Palestinian community at large.

Children BethlehemProtecting this aspect of the Palestinian culture is essential in the struggle for independence. It is a source of hope, a fuel propelling the Palestinians from the past into a more promising future. It reminds them they are more than their present circumstances: there is a vibrancy in who they are as people. In this way, the Diyar Academy for Children and Youth aspires through its music, drama and dance, art as well as its sports programs to bring together stories of celebration and accomplishments.

Equipping Children and Youth for the Future

Each student contributes to the financial cost of these programs, but they need your help to close the gap between what they can afford and the cost of delivering these high-quality ministries. To learn more about how you can help the youth of Palestine, please check out the scholarship support opportunities through Bright Stars of Bethlehem.