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Bright Stars of Bethlehem Scholarships are a Cornerstone of our Ministry

Scholarships BethlehemScholarships through Bright Stars of Bethlehem help make the various ministries accessible to Palestinians. It is challenging for most Palestinians to have the necessary resources to meet the entire costs of the needed services.

While each program participate contributes to the cost of their program, the Bright Stars of Bethlehem scholarship program helps keep quality, life-affirming programs for the children, youth, families and seniors who live under the constant pressure of financial insecurity and the stress of military occupation.

Scholarships support each of the four programs

Scholarships are available for the young and old alike. Your support helps underwrite the costs for our four areas of ministry and outreach.

Children and Youth

Scholarship gifts will help support youth ages 4 to 19 by helping to underwrite the membership costs of the Diyar Academy for Children and Youth. These quality programs focus on the areas of music, theater, dance, art and sports.

College Students

Dar al-Kalima University College is one of the premier educational institutions in Palestine and Bright Stars of Bethlehem scholarship provide necessary tuition assistance to help chart a new course of Palestinian youth.


The Ajyal “Generations” Elder Care Program can help breathe new life of hope and healing to those age 65 and older. Scholarships help underwrite the annual cost for a member of the program to receive vital spiritual, educational, recreational and health services. In turn, seniors rediscover and share the richness of life.

Help provide these needed scholarships

Each participant contributes to the financial cost of their program, but they need your help to close the gap between what they can afford and the cost of delivering these high-quality ministries.

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