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Bright Stars of Bethlehem grows hope for Palestinian seniors

Seniors BethlehemForced into early retirement after the wall was erected and checkpoints were enforced, Terez Saba found herself isolated, depressed and wondering what else could possibly be in her future. Then she found Ajyal. She says, “It was like a candle that shined my road again.” Terez is now joining in monthly meetings, receiving preventative health services, enjoying yoga and rediscovering a long hidden talent for writing.

Ajyal “Generations” humble beginnings have quickly grown

What began as a pilot program within a single Bethlehem congregation more than six years ago, the Ajyal “Generations” Elder Care Program now serves seniors from all Christian denominations and the community at large. Ajyal is the first parish nurse program in Palestine and the Middle East. It combines spiritual, educational, recreational and health services to bring hope and healing to those age 65 and older in the Holy Land so that they may discover and share the richness of life.

This unique program offers its members:

– Home and hospital visits by a parish nurse to offer basic care and companionship
– Weekly meetings featuring educational and spiritual activities and a joint meal
– Regular recreational gatherings and outings
– Health awareness programs

Ajyal members also serve their community by:

– Visiting other seniors who are home- or hospital-bound to offer support and prayer
– Providing mentoring for young families
– Leading traditional crafts and story-telling workshops for children
– Preparing meals for special groups and events

Within the first six months of operation, the number of elderly served by the program grew from 14 to 140. In 2011, the program served 630 people and the projected growth in 2012 is to have at least 700 members.

Equipping Ajyal for the future

As demand for more programs and services increases, so does the need for Bright Stars of Bethlehem to increase support.

While each Ajyal participant contributes to the financial cost of their program, these seniors need your help to close the gap between what they can afford and the cost of delivering these high-quality ministries. To learn more about how you can help Terez and others like her, please consider a gift today: