UNLOCK HOPE for the Next Generation of Creative Leaders in Palestine.

“Our aim is that our people, who admire stars, will dare to look up and dream, to believe in goals to strive for, and develop a new sense of hope, community, beauty and faith.”

– Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb, President

An Overview of Bright Stars of Bethlehem

Latest News Updates

Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb featured in Annexation interview

WORLD Digital features Rev. Dr. Raheb and colleagues in latest spotlight on annexation.

Announcing Virtual Summer Series

Join us the 4th Monday of each month this summer for our virtual series, Palestine Under Double Lockdown. We’ll hear from students and partners at Dar al-Kalima University and learn how we can unlock hope, together. Learn more

A knee on the neck and other experiences Palestinians share

A comparison of policing tactics against Palestinians and Black Americans. What do these two peoples share in their struggles for equality?

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