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“Our aim is that our people, who admire stars, will dare to look up and dream, to believe in goals to strive for, and develop a new sense of hope, community, beauty and faith.”

– Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb, President

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Bright Stars Live Event

Thanks to those who were able to attend our Live Event on Saturday!

For those of you who were not able to watch our live event, please click the link or video below to watch and share.

Invest In World Changers

Music is Mira’s passion and her education at DAK has allowed her to live out her life-long dream to follow that passion. Now, she uses her voice and musical knowledge every day to teach music to children and perform with her husband in the art troupe they founded. Mira is one of the next generation of creative leaders of Palestine. Will you support Bright Stars and invest in more world changers like Mira?

Online Film Salon

Bright Stars of Bethlehem is proud to co-sponsor an upcoming Palestinian film salon with Voices From The Holy Land. Featured speakers include Dar al-Kalima graduates, Saed Andoni, Saleh Kayal Tamimi, Baha’ Abu Shanab, and Suhad Babaa.

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